October Newsletter



The Holiday Season Is Here

Now that it is October, the crazy and hectic preparation for the winter holiday season is beginning. With Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and our December holidays less than 100 days away, customers are waiting for annual holiday sales/events to start.

Advertising your company’s sales/events is a great way to attract returning and future customers. Here are some examples of large advertisement ideas for your holiday events:

Window Graphics. Window graphics can be short or long term. They are great for grabbing customers attention from the streets as they are walking and driving by. Window graphics are also great for decoration purposes, not just ads.
Posters/Signs. Poster and signs work great as ads. They can be used for indoor (posters) and outdoor (yard signs).
Banners. Use banners to promote indoor or outdoor events. They can be hung up across buildings, on poles, or attached to something lower to the ground, such as tables or counters.


This Halloween, don’t forget it’s scary to be hungry.  Consider supporting Loudoun Interfaith Relief,which provides emergency food assistance to those in need. Loudoun Interfaith is SpeedPro’s 2015 charitable partner.
Learn more at www.interfaithrelief.org.



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