Your Vehicle Wrap Holiday Wist

Is a vehicle wrap on your holiday wish list? Vehicle wraps and graphics are a phenomenal way to brand and promote your company, helping you reach lots of potential clients for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.  Before you get started, here are a few questions to consider when looking into vehicle wraps

How much of our vehicle are we looking to cover?   Be prepared to answer this question.  Vinyl wraps that cover the whole vehicle (even roof) are called full-wraps.  Partial wraps provide less coverage–meaning some of the paint shows.  Another option is simply putting cut graphics on the vehicle.
Is my vehicle eligible for a vehicle wrap? This all depends on the condition of your vehicle. It is best that the exterior of the vehicle have minimal to no damage since vinyl will not stick to rust. Other damage may pose challenges as well.  Also, recently painted vehicles need time for the paint to cure before vinyl can be applied.
What are the benefits of vehicle wraps? Vehicle wraps are a great to promote your company or brand and are cost effective, reaching an estimated 70,000 eyeballs a day in a high traffic area like ours.
What’s my budget?  Wraps can range in price depending on how much area needs covering.  Simple spot graphics can run as low as a few hundred dollars; whereas full and partial wraps can be several thousand. It all depends on the square footage of the portion of the vehicle being wrapped.
How long will a wrap last?  The better question is how long do you need it to last.  Several factors impact this: how well you take care of it and what type/quality of vinyl gets used.  Many vehicle wraps can last 5-7 years. If you don’t plan to keep it that long, then you may want to opt for a less expensive vinyl.
What should I put on a wrap?  Use your space, color and graphics wisely.  Be bold and keep it simple. Cars move fast so you need to impart your message quickly.  Stick with a logo, company name, web address phone number, and basic tagline. Use a graphic designer–preferably one that has done wraps before–to help make your wrap investment work hard for you.


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