Future Focus: Freshen Up Your Brand


With 2016 here, planning for the new year and creating New Year’s resolutions are underway. Use this time to revisit your company’s visual branding as a way to boost its storytelling power. Take an inventory of what you have–and what you need–to help market your business, products, events, and ideas. Adding and updating a few simple signs and other visual communications like retractable banners, feather flags, table throws, and in-store and event signs could be all you need to capture the attention of your customers, members and audiences.

Makeover: Presenting your organization well starts with seeing how others see you.  Step back and think about what message you are putting out.  Try to envision your clients’ first impression of your organization. Revisit your point of purchase displays, building and window graphics, vehicle branding, and even your road side yard signs.  Do they stand out? Are they in good shape? Are they conveying the right messages? Updating these keeps your brand and company looking fresh and can grab customers’ attention.

Plan Ahead: Even though Spring seems like months away, now is a good time to plan for the next season. Knowing what deals/sales/offers you will have later in the year can give you time to develop the right promotional tools to reach more potential customers.


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