Find Your Pot of Gold with Yard Signs

Spring is here and the earth is turning green again. You do not have to spend your entire pot of gold to get quality signs that help bring in more customer traffic. As you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, hit the jackpot by making yard signs more effective parts of your promotional campaigns. Yard sign benefits:                                                         

  • inexpensive
  • portable
  • light weight
  • rain resistant
  • can be printed on one or both sides
  • come in custom sizes AND shapes
  • come with metal stakes so keep them firmly in place
Get creative and attract more attention to your business but keep it simple since people driving only have a few seconds to take in the information. Include only key bits of information such as:
  • Company Name
  • Phone Number/Web Address
  • Tagline/Small/Simple Image



SpeedPro NoVa created this bright retractable banner for the Loudoun AbusedWomen’s Shelter (LAWS)/Loudoun Citizens for Social Justice. If you know any women or children in need of these services, pass the information along.

Give us a call at 571-313-8334  if you want to learn more about retractable banners. They come in a variety of sizes and can be powerful tools to tell your story.



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