5 Tips for Solid Event Branding

We know…events can be stressful! Whether you’re an attendee or the host, finding the right way to make your business stand out at an event can be difficult. To help you plan, SpeedPro NOVAhas come up with some simple tips to make your company’s event branding a hit with the attendees.

Tip 1: Find Your Event Niche
Get to know your customers and find out what events they attend. This will help you decide where to invest your meetings budget and what kind of events to host.

Tip 2: Put Your Logo on EVERYTHING
Your logo is typically your first touch point with customers. Utilize that with your events by making your logo and branding part of the interior decor (step and repeats, statement walls, sponsor backdrops, retractable banners, displays, meter boards and tablecloths).

Tip 3: Use Social Media to Promote
While social media can be a great way to connect with friends, it’s also an amazing way to connect your event with attendees and others who have similar interests.  Don’t forget to develop a great #hashtag.

Tip 4: Use Merchandising to Your Advantage
Have products to give away with your branding on it, something to remind them of the event. Products like notebooks, pens, and cups are an easy relatively cheap way to do this; or if you have a larger budget perhaps t-shirts or hats.

Tip 5: Be Consistent
Don’t confuse customers and attendees with branding that’s too busy or messages that are too wordy.  Branding should be strong and shared across all materials and platforms. Consistent branding ties an event together.

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Examples of Stand Out Event Branding

Wise Primate Mural
Broken Woman Mural
Abstract Shapes Mural
Ghost of Me Mural
Graffiti Beauty Mural
Xray Saint Mural
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